Catering Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Degree in Catering

Published Oct 30, 2009

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Caterers should be skilled cooks and be knowledgeable in management, marketing, budgeting and supervising. Catering degrees are not generally available, but students can earn associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees in culinary arts or restaurant management.

Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts Career Options

Although associate's degrees in catering are rare, students interested in becoming caterers can pursue a degree in culinary arts. Many culinary arts programs include business and large-scale cooking classes for aspiring caters. Students learn how to work in and organize large catering operations, like those of schools, hospitals or business canteens. Courses taken in a culinary arts associate's degree program also include sanitation and safety, menu design, food and beverage service, basic culinary skills, hospitality supervision and food and beverage service lab. In addition to working as caterers, students may be able to find jobs as chefs or restaurant managers.

Bachelor's Degree in Restaurant Management Career Options

A bachelor's degree in restaurant management includes coursework related to catering. In this program, students take a combination of cooking, management and general education courses. They hone specific cooking techniques and learn how to prepare food for large groups.. They also learn business skills, which may help them run their own catering company. Courses include beverage control, culinary labs, hospitality law, menu design and hospitality marketing. After completing this degree, graduates can immediately go into catering management or open their own businesses. Management positions include supervisory roles, employee training, budget planning and inventory planning.

Master's Degree in Restaurant Management Career Options

A master's degree in restaurant management can enhance career prospects for students working in the restaurant or catering field. Students learn management skills that can apply to both restaurants and management operations. Courses include food production and services, menu planning and management, catering and restaurant business, supervision and bar and beverage management. A master's degree in catering and restaurant management can often be completed with about 35 credits.

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