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Published Feb 25, 2009

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Do you think you have the basics of management down but would like to try your hand at a practical situation? If so, The Open University's free online version of 'Project Management' may be for you. If you're a student interested in Business, Management or Entrepreneurship, take advantage of this free graduate-level OpenCourseWare and the skills it can help you build.

Project Management: Course Specifics

Degree LevelFreeAudioVideoDownloads
Graduate Yes Yes Yes Yes

Lectures/NotesStudy MaterialsTests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Project Management: Course Description

Designed as a practical approach to the study of project management, this course provides students with an opportunity to deal with a real life managerial situations. Making use of a well constructed set of case study materials, the 'Project Management' OpenCourseWare leads the student through a fictional office situation, complete with audio files which document conversations and interactions between employees. A project need is identified and students are given the chance to create their own project brief based upon the information given. Later in the exercise, students are also given the chance to respond to a series of crises as they develop. It is interesting to note that the student must make sense of the information at hand in each stage, as no particular order is specified. This free graduate-level course is offered through The Open University's Department of Business and Management.

This course consists of an excellent case study which includes photos, audio conversations and several videos. Also included are Microsoft Word activity sheets which accompany each step of the fictional project. If you're interested in this free course, visit the project administration course page.

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