Online Instructor: Employment Opportunities for Online Instructors

Published Sep 30, 2009

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An increasing number of schools and businesses now offer online classes and programs. Qualified instructors may find employment at colleges and universities as well as at virtual schools designed for kindergarten through 12th grade. Businesses and other organizations hire online instructors to connect multiple business locations through online webinars and other virtual programs.

Online College Instructor Employment Opportunities

Most colleges and universities now offer online or distance education courses via the Web. Qualified instructors who typically have master's degrees in their area of expertise lead these courses. Many also teach in traditional classrooms and adapt their on-campus coursework into appropriate online curricula for distance education students. Online college instructors are held to the same education, work-related qualifications and pay scale as traditional professors even though their classroom may be virtual.

Online Cyber School K-12 Instructor Employment Opportunities

Emerging technologies, such as speedy broadband and T1 lines, make home computer applications quicker and more manageable to use. As a result, cyber schools' enrollments continue to increase as students choose to attend virtual classrooms rather than traditional classrooms. Online K-12 instructors are in demand to teach these online programs. Most online schools follow the same hiring guidelines and procedures as public schools and require online instructors to have at least a bachelor's degree and any necessary state teaching certifications. Online K-12 instructors earn salaries comparable to traditional classroom teachers.

Online Web Facilitator Employment Opportunities

Increasing online seminars and employee programs fuel the demand for businesses to employ online facilitators. These employees may create, implement and facilitate online programs that bring multiple locations together for one company event or program. Due to the diversity of computer equipment, these online facilitators must be qualified to develop software that is compatible with various platforms and connection speeds. Online facilitators may also moderate online meetings, educational seminars or employee training programs. Most qualified candidates have a bachelor's degree in information technology and earn a competitive salary.

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