Online Instructor Degree and Career Details

  • Driving Instructor: Average Salary of a Driving Instructor

    Driving instructors are in a unique position to teach America's youth and future drivers to make the road safer. They're employed in a number of places, including for-profit commercial schools and public high schools. Salaries for driving instructors are competitive and jobs are plentiful.

  • Online Education Instructor: Requirements for Becoming an Online Instructor

    More and more schools are offering coursework to students via the Internet. Although coursework is completed online, these courses are conducted much like in-class courses and are led by online education instructors. Requirements to become an online education instructor vary.

  • Online Instructor: Employment Opportunities for Online Instructors

    An increasing number of schools and businesses now offer online classes and programs. Qualified instructors may find employment at colleges and universities as well as at virtual schools designed for kindergarten through 12th grade. Businesses and other organizations hire online instructors to connect multiple business locations through online webinars and other virtual programs.

  • Online Professor: Average Salary of an Online Professor

    Online Professors are in high demand as more educational institutions implement and expand online degree programs and distance learning classes. With an advanced degree in a specific field of study, professionals who may not have considered teaching can have a career or side line as an Online Professor. Working from home, an Online Professor earns about half of the average salary for an on-campus teacher, and has fewer responsibilities with research.

  • Online Teachers: Requirements to Teach Online Classes

    Online teachers' requirements vary by specific hiring organization. An instructor interested in teaching online classes at colleges and universities may need a master's or doctoral degree, while a virtual tutor may only need a bachelor's degree and a valid teacher certification.

  • Teaching Adult Education: Requirements for Teaching Adult Education Programs

    Adult Education teachers work with people who need to build basic skills to be successful in the job market. Adult Education teachers teach the English language, reading, writing and basic mathematics. A bachelor's degree is required to become an Adult Education teacher, and some states require that an Adult Education teacher be licensed.