Driving Instructor: Average Salary of a Driving Instructor

Published Nov 02, 2009

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Driving instructors are in a unique position to teach America's youth and future drivers to make the road safer. They're employed in a number of places, including for-profit commercial schools and public high schools. Salaries for driving instructors are competitive and jobs are plentiful.

Driving Instructor Career Summary

Driving instructors prepare students and future drivers for tests they must pass in order to obtain their driver's permits and licenses. Driving instructors teach the important skills of operating vehicles while instilling respect for a state's driving laws and parking regulations. Driving instructors can work in commercial driving schools open to the general public or as public high school teachers.

Education Required to Become a Driving Instructor

Instructors working in public high schools often have their degree in teaching and teach driver's education along with other courses. Instructors working in private, commercial driving schools must be 21 years old, have an impeccable driving record and earn a certificate or associate's degree program in driving instruction. Those who wish to become driving instructors must spend, in most states, a minimum of 30 hours of in-classroom study at a local community college with on-the-job training involving in-car lessons with seasoned instructors.

Driving Instructor Career Outlook and Salary Information

Driving instructors are most often paid at an hourly rate. According to PayScale.com, in 2009, the median hourly rate for a driving instructor with less than a year of experience ranged from $12-$17. Instructors with between five and nine years of experience earned a median hourly salary of $14-$18.

The median salary of high school teachers teaching driver's education was $40,000 in 2009, according to SimplyHired.com. Career outlook for driving instructors is steady, as most U.S. citizens learn how to drive. Demand is highest in wealthy, suburban areas. Private driving instructors can move up toward becoming directors at commercial driving schools and eventually open their own businesses after the proper experience and business training.

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