CPR Instructor Certification: Education and Training Requirements for Becoming a Certified CPR Instructor

Published Oct 02, 2009

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Becoming a certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructor requires eight hours of classroom instruction by an accredited organization, such as the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross (ARC). Upon completion of classroom coursework, potential CPR instructors must demonstrate their teaching abilities in an observed classroom before official instructor certification is issued. CPR instructor certification may require 16-40 hours for completion depending on the certifying agency's curriculum.

CPR Instructor Career Summary

CPR instructors teach individuals how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Instructors educate individuals and groups about CPR and how it simulates respiration to increase the heart's blood flow. CPR instructors teach adult, child and infant CPR and provide first aid training to emergency medical technicians, first responders, teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters, lifeguards and many others. CPR instructors may find employment through the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross, or they may work as independent consultants for private businesses, schools and other organizations. CPR instructors work flexible hours that may include evenings and weekends and often set their own hourly rate or fee.

Education Required to Become a CPR Instructor

There are no formal degree requirements to become a certified CPR instructor. However, one must already be certified in CPR and first aid training in order to register for certified CPR instructor courses. Local chapters of the AHA or the ARC offer CPR instructor certification courses through their offices.

CPR instructor certification courses teach basic life support, first aid, child and infant CPR, adult CPR, pet first aid and emergency response. Students also learn basic teaching strategies, skills testing methods and grading procedures and guidelines. Typically, classroom instruction lasts a minimum of eight hours.

Job Training and Certification Required for Becoming a CPR Instructor

Upon completion of the classroom instruction segment of a CPR instructor certification program, candidates must demonstrate their teaching ability within the classroom setting. Each candidate must teach a CPR course while being observed by an authorized supervisor. Upon successful completion, candidates earn the official CPR instructor certification and must be re-certified every two years.

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