Online Professor: Average Salary of an Online Professor

Published Sep 03, 2009

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Online Professors are in high demand as more educational institutions implement and expand online degree programs and distance learning classes. With an advanced degree in a specific field of study, professionals who may not have considered teaching can have a career or side line as an Online Professor. Working from home, an Online Professor earns about half of the average salary for an on-campus teacher, and has fewer responsibilities with research.

Online Professor Career Summary

Online Professors' work is similar to on-campus professors; however, Online Professors teach by telecommuting, so they do not need to be physically present in a classroom. Online Professors instruct students, monitor student performance, provide feedback and formulate grades. These education professionals can teach project-based learning classes such as communications as well as theory-based learning classes such as philosophy.

Generally, Online Professors must have at least a master's degree in the specific area they are interested in teaching. Some employers may also require that Online Professors have some previous teaching experience as well as significant work experience in the field they wish to teach. Online Professors need to be computer-savvy and have excellent written and verbal skills to effectively communicate with students in a distance learning environment. Unlike a full-time faculty member at a college, an Online Professor can have a more flexible work schedule and may be able to teach from home or during a vacation.

Online Professor Career Outlook and Salary Information

Teaching online college-level classes is becoming a popular career option for professionals who are not looking to become full-time faculty members at colleges or universities. This career provides an opportunity to teach subjects of interest while making part-time supplemental income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, job growth is expected to increase at a fast pace. Because of the popularity of distance learning education, the bulk of employment opportunities exist with colleges and universities. Online Professors earn about half of a full-time faculty member's annual average salary of $56,210.

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