Online Education Instructor: Requirements for Becoming an Online Instructor

Published Nov 08, 2009

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More and more schools are offering coursework to students via the Internet. Although coursework is completed online, these courses are conducted much like in-class courses and are led by online education instructors. Requirements to become an online education instructor vary.

Online Education Instructor Career Summary

Online education instructors teach courses that are conducted online or through distance education programs. They may work for colleges and universities as well as public and private elementary schools and high schools. Online education instructors may also be employed by state departments of education, companies that distribute educational materials or companies as corporate trainers.

Online education instructors have jobs that are similar to instructors who teach on-campus or in-class courses. They are responsible for setting up lectures, classes and assignments over the Internet, in addition to grading students' tests and assignments. Most of the work is done using online forums, e-mail and various computer programs, such as WebCT or Blackboard. Online education instructors may also have meetings with students using e-mail, chat, message boards or the telephone or face-to-face, depending on the situation.

Education Required to Become an Online Education Instructor

Educational requirements vary depending on the educational setting. An online education instructor may only require expertise in the subject matter to teach online in the case of a personal interest course. Most colleges and universities require prospective instructors to hold a master's or doctoral degree in the specific field that will be taught. For elementary and high schools, online instructors need a bachelor's or master's degree, teacher education training and a teaching license.

Job Training and Certifications to Become an Online Education Instructor

Online education instructors may have to learn the software programs and teaching methods that are used to deliver course materials. Some employers may require online education instructors to have some classroom teaching experience.

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