Teaching Adult Education: Requirements for Teaching Adult Education Programs

Published Sep 07, 2009

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Adult Education teachers work with people who need to build basic skills to be successful in the job market. Adult Education teachers teach the English language, reading, writing and basic mathematics. A bachelor's degree is required to become an Adult Education teacher, and some states require that an Adult Education teacher be licensed.

Adult Education Teacher Career Summary

Adult Education programs are designed to teach adults and out-of-school youths the English language, reading, writing and elementary mathematics. Adult Education teachers often work with students preparing for a GED, providing education and skills necessary to pass the examination. Adult Education teachers often work with people whose native language is not English, so they teach English as a second language. An Adult Education teacher must be proficient in assessing students' skill level and developing individualized programs based on the students' proficiency level if needed. Adult Education teachers typically teach English literacy, adult basic education and adult secondary education, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov.

Education Required to Become An Adult Education Teacher

Adult Education teachers are usually required to have a bachelor's degree to teach. Some states and schools require a master's degree. In states that require a license to teach Adult Education, a teacher must hold a bachelor's degree and have successfully completed Adult Education teaching programs. An Adult Education teacher who teaches GED preparation must be aware of GED exam requirements.

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become an Adult Education Teacher

Most states require an Adult Education teacher to have a teaching license. Some states have a special license, with specific requirements for Adult Education teachers. In some states, a public school teacher's license is required. Some colleges, such as the University of California Berkeley Extension, www.extension.berkeley.edu, offer a credential program in Adult Education.

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