Network Communications Engineer Degree: Career Options for a Degree in Network Communications Engineering

Published Apr 30, 2010

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A degree in network communications engineering prepares students for careers working with businesses and other institutions to troubleshoot and maintain computer networks. Depending on which degree level is obtained, possible career options include technology data systems manager, computer systems manager or systems analyst.

Network Communications Engineering Associate's Degree Career Summary

Graduates with an associate's degree in network communications engineering are most likely to find entry-level positions in IT departments of businesses and other institutions. The most common career option for those with an associate's degree in this field is to find employment as a computer support technician or repair specialist. Finding employment as a network administrator is also a common career path, though companies looking to employ network administrators generally desire both formal training and real-world experience. For those having trouble landing a network administrator job, it may be a good idea to work as a support technician after graduating to gain experience, then try to find work as a network administrator.

Network Communications Engineering Bachelor's Degree Career Summary

With a bachelor's degree in network communications engineering, it is possible to obtain a job working as a data systems manager, systems designer, systems manager or systems analyst. Systems analysts are responsible for designing and optimizing the networking hardware and software that an organization is using, and ensuring that the most up-to-date products are being used. A systems designer or manager is responsible for putting together a computer network for an organization and then overseeing day-to-day maintenance of that network. It is generally a supervisory position as well, depending upon the size of the organization and its network, managing a team of technicians who assist in daily network maintenance.

Network Communications Engineering Master's Degree Career Summary

Graduates who have obtained a master's degree in network communications engineering are qualified to become network engineers. Network engineers are responsible for designing and developing not only the network for an organization, but also the systems, components and services it will use as well. Network engineers may be full-time employees for an organization, but more and more network engineers work as consultants, designing networks for organizations, training that organizations staff to maintain the network, and then coming back as needed to do major upgrades and redesigns.

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