Communications Engineering Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Degree in Communications Engineering

Published Nov 05, 2009

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Communications engineering degrees range from an Associate of Science in Communications Engineering to a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Information Systems with a specialization in communications engineering. Graduates with a degree in communications engineering, and appropriate work experience, have career options in telecommunications engineering, communication systems installation and repair, consulting and management.

Communications Engineering Associate Degree Career Summary

An Associate of Science in Communications Engineering Technology or an Associate of Applied Science in Telecommunications Engineering Technology prepares individuals for entry-level positions. Associate degree-holders can find careers in communication systems installation and repair, telecommunications technology, fiber optics technology and private branch exchange (PBX) technology, notes CUNY New York City College of Technology, Specific opportunities are available within cable television, satellite and telecommunication companies. Telecommunications engineering technicians earn a median annual wage of $50,477, notes

Communications Engineering Bachelor's Degree Career Summary

Studing communications engineering at the 4-year level results in a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering Technology. Students in these programs learn skills for working with digital communications, network communications and circuitry. Communications engineering undergraduates are qualified to work in administration. Additional opportunities are available as telecommunication technologists, system evaluators, communications consultants or communications systems integrators. The median wage for telecommunications managers is $101,072, notes

Communications Engineering Master's Degree Career Summary

Communications engineering graduate students can earn a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Information Systems with a concentration in telecommunications or communications engineering. The degree prepares students for advancement in the workforce or for postgraduate studies. Communications engineering graduates have the skill sets needed to create new communication technologies and are also qualified to work in related consultant and upper-level management roles. The median annual salary for a systems consultant and engineering director is $105,724, indicates

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