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Published Jan 27, 2009

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Economics and technology come together in 'Competition in Telecommunications,' an examination of the present and future of the telecom industry as it faces expansion into new geographic and technological territory. This lecture-based OpenCourseWare is offered free from MIT Sloan School of Management's bachelor's degree program.

Competition in Telecommunications: Course Specifics

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Competition in Telecommunications: Course Description

The telecom industry faces a fertile field with new communications technologies and expanding economic opportunities as developing markets mature. It also faces new challenges working in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Established telcos face stiff competition both from their traditional competitors and from upstart companies bringing ever-newer technologies into the communications field and finding new applications for Internet, cellular communications and local and long distance land lines. 'Competition in Telecommunications' offers a peek into the economics of this dynamic industry, examining the effects of government regulation, expanding markets and new technologies. Public policy's influence, with regulation and spectrum allocation, are explored. The future of the telecommunications industry is examined in detail, particularly the possibility of telecom emerging as a utility akin to water or electricity rather than an industry, and how that shift would impact the current and future players in the market. This course was taught by professor Jerry Hausman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology economics department. Some prior economic analysis study is recommended. This OpenCourseWare is also available translated into Chinese.

The OpenCourseWare includes textbook and reading recommendations, selected presentation slides, written assignment guidelines and links to related resources. If you are interested in this course, visit the telecom technology course page.

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