The Sociology of Strategy OpenCourseWare: A Free Graduate Level Business Strategy Course by MIT

Published Jan 23, 2009

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'The Sociology of Strategy' surveys the social science research in the area of business strategy. This free Ph.D.-level OpenCourseWare requires a background in sociology, including qualitative and quantitative sociology as well as organization theory. A business strategy background is recommended, though the course is targeted at social science students.

The Sociology of Strategy: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

The Sociology of Strategy: Course Description

Though this OpenCourseWare was offered through the MIT Sloan School of Management, the emphasis is on the social sciences, not exploring business strategy. An extensive reading list is provided, encompassing the highlights of sociological research in the field of business strategy. Readings are grouped according to common themes of the research, covering networking, competition, new businesses and facets of organizational structures. Assignments provide a framework for considering each group of readings. Students are encouraged to perform their own meta-analysis of the existing scholarship, examining the strengths and weaknesses of each paper, the impact it has on the field and how it could be improved upon. In addition to exposing students to the core sociological research of business strategy, the course focuses on improving the quality of students' own future studies by requiring them to think critically about other scholars' research. The course was taught by Ezra Zuckerman Sivan, co-director of MIT Sloan's economic sociology Ph.D. program.

This seminar OpenCourseWare includes citation list for readings, with some downloadable and online readings, as well as written assignment guidelines for the readings. If you are interested in taking this free course, visit the business strategy course page.

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