12 Universities Offering Free Business Courses Online

Published Sep 10, 2008

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Free business courses are a good way to get a university-level education, but without the hassle of student loans. There are a number of top-ranked universities that offer free business courses online. Examples include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon and the University of California, Berkeley.


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT's Sloan School of Management is hands-down the best place to find free business courses online. There are hundreds of courses to choose from at the undergraduate and graduate level. Most courses include lecture notes, assignments, reading lists and other downloadable materials. Some have been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese and other languages.

2. University of California, Berkeley

Self-learners can gain access to all sorts of free business courses from UC Berkeley. The university has been posting webcasts and podcasts of their courses since the Fall 2001 semester. Most courses can be viewed online or downloaded as mp3 files. Course topics include accounting, business psychology, economics, international studies, finance and information technology.

3. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania's Small Business Development Center offers more than 80 free business courses online. Kutztown's courses are individualized and self-paced. Many of the courses feature high-end graphics, interactive case studies and audio streams.

4. The Open University

Self-learners can take free business courses at the introductory, intermediate and master's level through The Open University's website. Courses cover a wide range of topics and include multi-media elements. Users who create an account can communicate with other online students through this website.

5. The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame offers a number of high-quality courses that would be of interest to international business students. Each course presents a comprehensive overview of language, culture and history. Most courses include lectures, assignments, readings, films and image galleries.

6. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University offers several free business courses through their Open Learning Initiative. Course offerings cover a range of topics, including economics, statistics and statistical reasoning. Most courses include instructor tools, case studies and much more.

7. Michigan State University

Michigan State University provides a growing number of free business courses to self-learners. Current courses cover a wide range of international business topics and include readings, slide presentations, lectures, activities, assessments and other study materials.

8. Utah State University

Utah State University offers five free economics courses through their OpenCourseWare program. Students can choose from undergraduate or graduate courses. All courses include high quality course materials regardless of level.

9. Trump University

Most of the business courses that can be taken through Trump University cost money, but there are two courses that can students can participate in for free. Both are mini-courses that take a relatively short amount of time to complete.

10. University of Utah

  • Principles of Microeconomics

The University of Utah's Department of Economics has an excellent free business course for students who want to learn the basic fundamentals of microeconomics. The course includes a textbook, assignments, exams and other downloadable study materials.

11. Capilano College

This integrated business management course from Capilano College is free to self-learners around the world. The course offers an introduction to strategic management. Course materials include lectures in PowerPoint format.

12. University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

The University of Southern Queensland has several free technology courses of possible interest to business students. Courses are broken down into easy to manage modules and include readings and other study materials. Assignments and practice exams reinforce what students have learned.

Featured School Choices:

  • Florida Tech

    Florida Tech responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • MBA/Management
    • BA in Business Administration/Management
    • MA in Organizational Leadership
    • MBA
    • MBA/Accounting
    More information about Florida Tech
  • Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology

    Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • Masters in Human Resources
    • Masters in Business Administration
    • Masters in Management and Leadership
  • Bryant & Stratton College

    Bryant & Stratton College responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • Bachelor's Degree in General Management
    • Business Assistant Diploma
    • Business - AAS
    • Business Assistant - Diploma
    • Associate's Degree in Business
  • Purdue University Global

    Purdue University Global responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • AASBA in Business
    • BSOM - Decision Management
    • Master of Business Administration
    • B.S. in Business Administration
    • A.A.S. in Business Administration
    More information about Purdue University Global
  • California Baptist University - Online

    California Baptist University - Online responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • Doctor of Business Administration
    • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Science in Accounting
  • Colorado Christian University

    Colorado Christian University responds quickly to information requests through this site.

    Suggested programs:
    • Business Administration, MBA - Advanced Accounting
    • Business Administration, MBA - Health Care Administration
    • Business Administration, MBA - Leadership
    • Business Administration, MBA - Project Management
    • B.S. Accountancy