Baking and Pastry Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Baking and Pastry Degree

Published Sep 13, 2009

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Students in Baking and Pastry education programs learn culinary techniques that help them enter culinary careers focused on desserts and baked goods. If you are interested in a career working as a cake decorator, pastry chef or other Baking and Pastry job, a certificate, associate degree or bachelor's degree in Baking and Pastry is a good educational option for you.

Certificate in Baking and Pastry Career Summary

Certificates in Baking and Pastry can help graduates find work in entry-level positions like apprentice bakers, assisting chefs to executive pastry chefs in restaurant kitchens, cake decorators or staff bakers for small baked goods companies. With experience, graduates of these programs may eventually become executive pastry chefs or head bakers in professional kitchens. Some students can combine the skills and knowledge learned in a Baking and Pastry certificate program with other education and enter careers in food science or product development.

Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Career Summary

Depending on the program, students earning associate Baking and Pastry degrees might take classes in business, which can help students take on business responsibilities in addition to culinary duties in their careers. Some programs also offer internships, which might lead to employment and provide students with a resume boost upon graduation. Graduates of Baking and Pastry associate degree programs can enter a variety of entry-level culinary careers, but may also be eligible for more advanced positions like cake shop manager, recipe developer or sous-chef.

Bachelor's Degree in Baking and Pastry Career Summary

The advanced culinary skills learned in Baking and Pastry bachelor's programs help graduates find work at catering companies and other professional foodservice businesses. Bachelor's degree programs also incorporate more instruction in business, enabling graduates to own their own bakeries, patisseries, candy companies or cake shops. Because bachelor's degree programs in Baking and Pastry also generally include instruction in humanities and liberal arts disciplines, some graduates of these programs work as food writers or restaurant critics for magazines and newspapers.

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