Cake Decorator: How to Become a Cake Decorator

Published Sep 08, 2009

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Cake Decorators design cakes to meet the specific requests of their clients. Individuals can develop the technical skills required to become a Cake Decorator by enrolling in cake decorating courses through pastry and baking degree programs at nearby community colleges, universities or private schools.

Enrolling in a Cake Decorator Program

Many community colleges, universities and training schools offer courses in cake decoration. Most programs also include classes in pastry and baking that allow students to expand their future career options. Cake Decorator programs help students pursue professional opportunities in confectionery design and associated professions in the baking, pastry and hospitality industries. Many programs offer both associate and bachelor's level programs in baking and pastry arts. High school credits in culinary education can sometimes be transferred into such programs during the admission process.

Completing a Cake Decorator Program

To become Cake Decorators, students study cake decorating processes and sometimes train in the creation of specialty breads, desserts and pastries. Baking and pastry arts degree programs allow students to study pastry design topics and receive individualized training to perfect their craft, explains the Culinary Institute of America. Pastry arts associate degree programs typically last 21 weeks, including an 18-week paid externship. Students are usually exposed to various instructors with diverse styles who assist students in the development of their own creative approach, according to Le Cordon Bleu College. Topics, such as decorative work, chocolate modeling and sugar work, are usually covered in such Cake Decorator programs. Additional techniques covered can include piped flowers, borders, icing designs and cake writing.

Working as a Cake Decorator

Cake Decorators may find employment in various areas, such as bakeries, catering businesses or hotels. Cake Decorator professionals may also choose to open their own cake design business. Cake Decorators may expand their education and training to include additional career opportunities in specialized areas of hospitality and food service that could enhance their cake decorating careers. Additional career fields that Cake Decorators typically work in can include pastry creations, bread artistry and chocolatier design. These related career areas allow Cake Decorators to expand their current skills and grow within their profession.

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