Cake Decorating Classes: Overview of Common Professional Cake Decorating Courses and Classes

Published Sep 05, 2009

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Cake Decorating classes teach students to create beautifully decorated cakes, full of flowers, patterns, designs and borders. Common courses include an introductory and intermediary course, as well as specialized courses in common techniques and materials, including fondant, gum paste and sugars.

Cake Decorating Classes - Introductory Cake Decorating

An introductory Cake Decorating course, intended for novices in the area, begins with the fundamentals. Students learn how to put icing in applicator bags and use different types of tips. An introductory course may cover basic borders and writing, piping, flowers, floral sprays with leaves and vines and various other simple patterns.

Cake Decorating Classes - Flowers and Borders

An advanced Cake Decorating class in flowers and borders teaches students complex designs. Students may learn to create different types of borders, including shells, reverse shells, rope designs and rosettes. Many different types of flowers may also be covered. Among the most commonly used flowers in Cake Decorating are daisies, daffodils, apple blossoms, rosebuds, roses, chrysanthemums, violets, pansies and primroses. Students learn to apply bunches of flowers, complete with vines and leaves. This type of course may also focus on color use and the flow of different icings.

Cake Decorating Classes - Fondant

Advanced Cake Decorating frequently involves the use of fondant. This substance makes more complex techniques possible, such as stringwork, cornelli lace and sotas, beads, ruffle borders, rolled fondant and brush embroidery. Some of the more complicated flower types become possible with the use of fondant, such as lilies, poinsettias, morning glories and petunias.

Cake Decorating Classes - Gum Paste

Gum paste is an easier to shape icing than other icings, which allows for designs that are much more complex. Students are taught techniques in cutouts, inlays and overlays, ribbon garlands, draping, marbleizing and tinting. New flowers become available with new substances like carnations and orchids.

Cake Decorating Classes - Sugar Artistry

Sugars can be used to create flowers, ribbons and bows. Various forms of sugar are looked at, including bubble, straw, piped and spun sugar. Students learn techniques to make sugar spirals and sugar baskets or cages.

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