School Lists for Computer and Information Science Degrees

  • Computer Drafting Schools: List of Schools with Computer Drafting Degree Programs

    Earning a degree in computer drafting opens up graduates for careers working in engineering and other technological environments as a graphic technical artist. Computer drafting degrees are granted at the certificate, associate's and bachelor's levels. A bachelor's degree offers a core business program alongside the technical art degree, giving graduates the edge for entering the field.

  • Computer Engineer Schools: List of Schools with Computer Engineering Degree Programs

    Computer engineers, database administrators and computer systems analysts create and maintain computer networks for schools, businesses and organizations. They gain their expertise by completing degree programs in computer engineering. Arizona State University, the University of Florida and the University of Minnesota offer computer engineering degree programs.

  • Computer Forensics Colleges: List of Colleges that Offer Computer Forensics Degree Programs

    Computer forensics uses electronic data from digital media for criminal investigation. Universities and colleges across the country offer various levels of computer forensics degrees. Some colleges offering computer forensics programs include George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, Florida Community College at Jacksonville and Community College of Philadelphia.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer Colleges: List of Schools and Colleges with Computer Hardware Engineering Degree Programs

    If you are interested in computer hardware engineering, you might consider a degree in computer engineering, which covers both hardware and software topics, or computer science. Read on to find out more about programs offered in computer hardware engineering along with a list of schools with relevant programs.

  • Computer Programming Colleges: List of Universities and Colleges that Offer Computer Programming Degrees

    Computer Programming degrees can be earned at the associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral level. All four levels focus on Computer Programming languages, networking, databases and software packages.

  • Computer Repair Schools: List of Schools with Computer Repair Degrees and Education Programs

    As long as people use computers, Computer Repair and support technicians will be in demand. Working in a variety of settings, from help desks at large corporations to computer retail outlets to college campuses, Computer Repair and support technicians maintain and repair personal computers, peripherals, servers, networking devices and software. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many paths to employment as a Computer Repair and support technician, because of the wide range of skills required for the job. Most employers, however, require a degree, certificate or other proof of a formal education in Computer Repair.

  • Computer Science Schools: List of Schools and Colleges with Degree Programs in Computer Science

    An associate's program in Computer Science offers the hands-on courses needed for an entry-level position as a computer technician, while a bachelor's program adds management classes to the advanced technical coursework. Students in a master's program in Computer Science focus on research and theoretical concepts. Among the schools offering Computer Science programs are the University of California, Pennsylvania State University and North Carolina State University.

  • Computer Software Engineer Schools: List of Schools with Computer Software Engineering Degree Programs

    Graduates of Computer Software Engineering degree programs may take careers in the fields of computer science, computer software analysis, software publishing and many other related and rapidly growing fields. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available in the field.

  • Data Processing School: List of Schools with Courses and Degree Programs in Data Processing

    The field of data processing incorporates areas of study such as information technology, business administration and computer systems. Associate and bachelor's degree programs qualify graduates for entry-level positions in data processing, while the master's and doctoral degree programs prepare candidates for managerial roles. The three largest schools with data processing degree options are the College of Southern Nevada, Pima Community College and University of Cincinnati.

  • Database Administration Colleges: List of Schools and Colleges that Offer Database Administration Programs

    Bachelor's degrees in management information systems prepare students for database administrator positions, allowing them to help handle and store computer data. A master's degree in Database Administration allows graduates to store, organize and manage computer data for a major corporation. Riverside Community College, American River College and the University of Maryland are the three biggest U.S. schools to offer degrees in Database Administration.

  • Game Programmer Schools: List of Schools with Game Programming Degree Programs

    Students looking for a Game Programming school can attend Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida, the Houston Community College System in Texas and the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Students can pursue Game Programming degrees at the associate and bachelor's level. Following is a description of some related programs as well as a list of schools with Game Programming degree programs.

  • Game Software Development Schools: List of Schools with Game Software Development Degree Programs

    Demand for interactive software and game development grows as new technology emerges for home entertainment purposes and mobile communication devices. Game software developers may earn degrees in game software development, animation and interactive game design. Houston Community College, College of Southern Nevada and the City College of San Francisco offer game software development degree programs.

  • GIS Schools: List of Schools with GIS Degree and Certificate Programs

    Geographic Information System (GIS) is a data management technology used to manage, map, analyze and display spatial information. Most people may think of GIS systems used in cars to map directions. However, GIS technology has many broader uses in industry and government. Programs in geographic information system technology are offered both to novices in the field and to industry professionals, who wish to integrate this technology into practical applications.

  • Linux Schools: List of Schools with Linux Courses and Degree Programs

    The Linux computer operating system is becoming increasingly popular for business and home use, and those with Linux knowledge are in demand. Through Linux courses, students learn how to install, administer, upgrade, network and secure Linux systems. Classes and programs offering instruction in Linux are available at schools like Texas Tech University, Boston University, Miami Dade College and the University of Maryland.

  • Network System Analyst College: List of U.S. Schools and Colleges

    Degree programs exclusively for network analysis do not exist. However, prospective network system analysts can choose from a number of related educational options at both the undergraduate and graduate degree levels. Schools that offer computer and network system analyst training include Arizona State University, Miami Dade College and the College of Southern Nevada.

  • Online Computer Network Engineering Schools: List of Online U.S. Schools and Colleges

    Students interested in working towards an online computer network engineering degree can pursue an associate in computer network engineering, a bachelor's in computer science and network engineering or a master's in computer science and computer networking. Some of the largest schools offering distance learning computer network engineering programs include the East Carolina University and University of Southern California.

  • Online Web Programming Schools: List of Online Schools for Becoming a Web Programmer

    Web programming degree programs are available at numerous schools across the U.S. However, most accredited degree programs are traditional, campus-based programs. Lone Star College, College of Southern Nevada and Tarrant County College offer degree programs for web programmers.

  • Schools for Computer Engineering Associate Degrees: List of U.S. Schools and Colleges

    Computer Engineering associate degree programs help students gain the skills they need to enter careers in technical support, hardware repair and computer programming. Graduates of these programs often have a versatile skill set that they can use to work for established companies, start their own businesses or enter a bachelor's degree program to gain further education in Computer Engineering.

  • Schools for Networking: List of Schools with Networking Degree Programs

    While students in an associate degree program in Networking gain a foundation for an IT career, bachelor's and master's degree students learn skills to advance into management roles. Houston Community College System, College of Southern Nevada and Tarrant County College are three of the largest schools for Networking.

  • Systems Analyst Schools: List of U.S. Schools with Systems Analyst Degree Programs

    Systems analysts help organizations choose and implement computer system and network solutions. Popular schools such as Arizona State University and University of Houston offer degree programs that can lead to careers in systems analysis. Degrees range from 2-year associate's degrees to doctorates.

  • Web Design Colleges: List of Colleges that Offer Web Design Courses and Degrees

    Associate's and bachelor's degrees in Web Design educate individuals on the foundations of scripting languages, graphics design and programming applications. Individuals entering into a master's program for Web Design should expect specialized and advanced training in interactive design, information architecture and related areas. Web Design courses and degrees are offered at a number of colleges and universities, including the University of California Santa Cruz, DePaul University and CUNY Manhattan.

  • Webmaster School: List of Colleges and Schools with Webmaster Degrees and Certificate Programs

    Aspiring webmasters can learn about designing websites in 1-year certificate programs or more in-depth degree programs. Popular schools like Oakland Community College in Michigan and the City College of San Francisco offer programs that teach students the skills needed to manage Internet content as a webmaster. Several of the largest colleges with programs in Web design are found in California.