Restaurant Management Online Degree: Course Curriculum

Published Sep 16, 2009

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An online program in restaurant management prepares you for managerial careers in the restaurant and hospitality industry at outlets ranging from nursing home cafeterias to 4-star restaurants. Whether you're interested in pursuing an associate's degree or a graduate-level degree, online programs are available. Read on for a sample of the course curriculum offered in an online restaurant management program.

Course Curriculum for an Online Associate's in Restaurant Management

Associate's degrees in restaurant management, such as an Associate in Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, prepare students for entry-level food service industry management careers. Programs focus on basic business and managerial skills applied to the industry. The curriculum covers safety and sanitation issues, operations management, financial accounting, facilities management, purchasing and cost control, basic food production and nutrition.

Course Curriculum for an Online Bachelor's in Restaurant Management

The course curriculum for restaurant management degrees at the bachelor's level cover facilities management, safety and sanitation, financial management, cost control, food production and nutrition. In addition, courses in research, writing, marketing, small business development and organizational psychology might be offered. Bachelor's programs, such as a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Management, generally integrate a broader liberal arts foundation into the core curriculum.

Course Curriculum for an Online Master's in Restaurant Management

Master's programs in restaurant management, including a Master of Science degree in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management, build upon the foundation established in undergraduate study. In addition to courses in leadership, strategy and management theories, the curriculum usually includes courses in research and data analysis. Some graduate-level restaurant management programs incorporate a global focus as well by offering courses in international business. Some master's programs require a thesis or dissertation.

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