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Published Jan 30, 2009

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Explore the business implications of improving the flow of information into, out of an within an organization, as well as the practical problems of implementing such improvements in 'Integrating eSystems and Global Information Systems.' The free OpenCourseWare from MIT Sloan School of Management's bachelor's degree program targets both business and engineering students.

Integrating eSystems and Global Information Systems: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

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Yes Yes Yes

Integrating eSystems and Global Information Systems: Course Description

'Integrating eSystems and Global Information Systems' examines data connectivity in four parts: strategy, technology, logic and organization. Strategic connectivity addresses business implications and benefits to moving data and accessing information from disparate parts of an organization, while technological connectivity looks at the engineering requirements of physically getting the information where it is needed and possible methods of storing and accessing the data. Logical connectivity addresses the issues of integrating and analyzing data from multiple systems that may not have been originally designed for easy interoperability, addressing ideas such as semantics and distributed database management. Organizational connectivity addresses the impact of free data flow on the business as a whole, and what policies and procedures are necessary on a corporate level to accommodate the new ways of doing business with information. This course was taught at the MIT Sloan School of Management as two courses with a common set of lectures and readings, but assignments that focused on either the technical aspects or the business implications. Project guidelines are provided for each track of the course, so OpenCourseWare students can choose whether the engineering or management track is more suited to their goals. PowerPoint slides are provided from all of MIT Sloan professor Stuart Madnick's lectures. The lecture-based OpenCourseWare is also available in Portuguese, Spanish and simplified Chinese.

This OpenCourseware includes exams, homework assignments with selected solutions, project guidelines, lecture slides and suggested readings with abstracts. To download materials for 'Integrating eSystems and Global Information Systems,' visit the business information systems course website.

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