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Published Feb 18, 2009

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Learning IT skills can be a challenging prospect, but one that can aid you in your work for the rest of your professional life. This free course from The Open University, 'Key Skill Assessment Unit: Information Technology,' can help you plan effectively as you tackle the job of learning new skills. This course can also be helpful to those seeking a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computing or related fields.

Key Skill Assessment Unit: Information Technology: Course Specifics:

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Key Skill Assessment Unit: Information Technology: Course Description

For students seeking a degree in information technology or those facing new requirements at work, learning the key skills related to computer use can pose challenges. This course offers a way to form a strategy for the use of these skills in the long term. It can help students to gauge their development of these skills as they adjust their strategy to meet current requirements. The course can help students and others to reach their optimum quality of work. These outcomes can be achieved through guidance on the integration of the development of key skills into work or study through appropriate assessment and selection. Work can be organized into a presentation that reflects the skills of the student. Such a portfolio can be checked against the helpful list of criteria in the course. Some of these criteria include the use of IT methods in searching, evaluating and selecting information, as well as the effective presentation of information. Also included on the list is verification of the veracity of the information, and assessment of the factors that influenced the outcome of the presentation. This 50 hour course takes the form of a series of readings that you can download, and notes to assist with completion of the course.

The readings and other course materials are free. If you'd like to take this course, visit the information technology skills assessment page.

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