Health Teacher: Education and Job Training Requirements

Published Sep 15, 2009

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Health teachers have a bachelor's degree in health and physical education. They are certified to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade. Health teachers are usually known as health and physical education teachers because they teach health and physical education classes.

Health Teacher Career Summary

Health and physical education is a key curriculum component in public and private schools across the United States. Due to increased childhood obesity, health and physical education teachers emphasize healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition and a consistent physical exercise routine. Many health teachers teach health-related topics in a traditional classroom setting and then hold physical education classes in a gymnasium. Health teachers educate students about diet and nutrition, the make-up of the human body and sex education.

Education Required to Become a Health Teacher

Health teachers must obtain a bachelor's degree in health and physical education in to teach in public schools. This degree program prepares students to provide health and physical education instruction to K-12 students and sit for the National Teacher Examination upon graduation. Most health teacher positions require a bachelor's degree in health and physical education. However, graduate degrees in related fields, such as sports science, athletic training and nutrition may benefit health teachers looking to coach extracurricular sports or provide personal training classes.

Job Training and Certifications Required Becoming a Health Teacher

In-class workshops and supervised student teaching internships provide students with hands-on job training as a health teacher. Cooperating school districts working with accredited colleges and universities place students in a classroom with a licensed teacher for a semester of student teaching experience. After completing the health and physical education degree program requirements, graduates must pass the National Teacher Examination for licensure in their state. Typically, health teachers must complete a certain number of continuing education credits in order to maintain licensure every five years.

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