Hearing OpenCourseWare: A Free Undergraduate Health Class on the Structure of the Ear by The Open University

Published Feb 13, 2009

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In the 'Hearing' OpenCourseWare, students learn about the ear's structure and function. The free undergraduate course is offered by The Open University and this advanced overview course can be completed in about 15 hours and is great for students interested in audiology.

Hearing: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Hearing: Course Description

Students learn about the ear's function and structure in the 'Hearing' OpenCourseWare by The Open University. The course provides an overview of the ear's important features, which include the inner, middle and outer areas. Students learn how the central nervous auditory system works and how it helps people listen to different sounds and locate the source of that noise by using binaural cues. The course also provides an in-depth outline of material on the inner ear's structure and function, such as the cochlea, basilar membrane, organ of Corti, synaptic transmission, hair cells and hair cell tuning. Students can learn more about the functions of the basilar membrane and the cochlea with diagrams, figures and pictures that depict its shape and size. This advanced undergraduate level course also examines the causes of hearing loss and new techniques that allow people to regain their hearing. Students can practice answering questions from the course material and post questions to the unit forum to discuss the topic with other students further.

This OpenCourseWare includes a reading and study materials. If you are interested in taking this free course, visit the hearing course page.

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