Water and Human Health OpenCourseWare: The Open University's Free Bachelor Level Public Health Course on Water Sanitation

Published Feb 19, 2009

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In the 'Water and Human Health' OpenCourseWare, students can learn about water contamination, water distribution and the importance of clean drinking water to benefit the public's health. The free undergraduate course, offered by The Open University, can be completed in approximately nine hours.

Water and Human Health: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes Yes

Water and Human Health: Course Description

The introductory course 'Water and Human Health' is an OpenCourseWare offered by The Open University. The free course discusses the importance of people having access to clean drinking water in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Students can learn about the scarce supply of fresh drinking water available on Earth and how it can affect millions of people all over the world. The OpenCourseWare about public health shows examples of a global water crisis in such places like Africa where water must be carried daily for basic household use. Students learn the difference between third world countries that struggle with getting clean water and the U.S. where water is readily available and taken for granted. The course material also examines the global water cycle and water distribution challenges, which are illustrated with pictures, charts and maps. Students can also learn about chemical pollutants that affect the Earth's water supply caused by people not taking care of their environment, which also affects animals that drink water.

The OpenCourseWare includes lecture notes, study materials and a self-assessment quiz. If you are interested in taking this free course, visit the public health and water course page.

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