Chinese I OpenCourseWare (regular): A Free Undergraduate Mandarin Chinese Language Course by MIT

Published Jan 25, 2009

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'Chinese I (regular)' is the first in a sequence of four free OpenCourseWare offerings from MIT that are designed for those who want to learn or practice standard, modern Chinese (specifically Mandarin) reading, writing and conversation skills. The materials included in 'Chinese I (regular)' OpenCourseWare can also be used by teachers of Chinese language courses. 'Chinese I (regular)' OpenCourseWare will be especially useful for those pursuing bachelor's degrees in Chinese.

Chinese I (regular): Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes Yes No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
No Yes Yes

Chinese I (regular): Course Description

Over the past decade, Chinese language skills have become increasingly valuable, and MIT's 'Chinese I (regular)' OpenCourseWare helps students take the first step towards mastering this challenging language. Julian K. Wheatley designed 'Chinese I (regular)' to teach graduate and undergraduate students the Mandarin dialect of the Chinese language, which is the standard dialect that is taught in schools and spoken in business and government. The course begins by introducing students to the pinyin system for transliterating Chinese words into English. The basics of both the Simplified and Traditional Chinese writing systems are covered as well. In addition to this introduction to written Chinese, students also learn fundamentals of Chinese conversation, including the tonal system of pronunciation and basic grammar and vocabulary. In order to enhance the language learning experience, 'Chinese I (regular)' OpenCourseWare also familiarizes students with elements of China's culture and geography. After completing 'Chinese I (regular)' OpenCourseWare, students will have a basic foundation in the Chinese language that will allow them to continue studying independently. The original 'Chinese I (regular)' course is lecture-based, and it assumes that students have no prior experience learning Chinese.

'Chinese I (regular)' OpenCourseWare contains readings (text and dictionaries), audio recordings, assignment instructions, sample tests, stroke order lessons and free software (flashCube - equivalent of flashcards) for download. If you'd like to learn more about this online language course from MIT, please visit the Mandarin Chinese language introduction course page.

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