TV Repairman: How to Become a TV Repairman

Published Aug 12, 2009

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A TV Repairman is qualified to handle many jobs. A TV Repairman may fix TVs, install audio equipment, repair camcorders or VCRs and orchestrate a home theatre system. This article summarizes a TV Repairman's career, education requirements and training.

TV Repairman Career Summary

The onset of expensive cutting-edge technologies, such as LCD, plasma and projection TVs, fuels job demand for qualified TV Repairmen. In the past, it was often cheaper to replace a broken product with a newer model. Newer, more expensive products require qualified technicians to keep them functioning properly. As a result, TV Repairmen with vocational or technical training have the best career outlook. A TV Repairman needs excellent customer service skills and the ability to diagnose problems on site because many repairs occur in a customer's home.

Education Required to Become a TV Repairman

Trade schools or local community colleges often have technical training for appliance repairs including courses in TV Repair. These courses often coincide with VCR, DVD and camcorder repair and well as LCD, plasma and projection TV component training. These courses may cover deflection, luminescence, circuit analysis and related concepts. Typically, a TV Repairman only needs to complete a certification program and study under a qualified technician to gain practical hands-on experience and credibility. The certification program may take from several weeks or up to a year to complete.

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become a TV Repairman

Upon completion of vocational courses, a TV Repairman often works under the supervision of a more seasoned repairman. Some technicians are certified in certain areas, such as LCD repair or home theatre equipment specialist. Certifications, although not always necessary, add to a TV Repairman's credibility and may be helpful in finding employment.

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