TV Broadcaster: Average Salary of a TV Broadcaster

Published Sep 03, 2009

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Are you interested in current events in your community and around the world? Do you have an interest in working in televised journalism as a news anchor, reporter or correspondent? Consider becoming a TV Broadcaster so you can report news events to a local or national audience.

TV Broadcaster Career Summary

TV Broadcasters report on and analyze news stories for broadcast on local or national news programs. Depending on the specifics of the job, some TV Broadcasters may need to write scripts, research and edit their news stories for broadcast. It is also important for TV Broadcasters to understand the technical aspects of TV broadcasting, including how audio and video equipment works, along with how to use a teleprompter and how to appear professional on camera. TV Broadcasters can gain some of this knowledge on-the-job, but it is a good idea for TV Broadcasters to have a college degree in a relevant discipline like journalism or broadcasting. Degrees in these areas include a Bachelor of Art in Journalism, an Associate of Science in Broadcasting and a Master of Art in Journalism. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),, a degree in a relevant field helps TV Broadcasters compete for promotions and new positions in larger job markets.

TV Broadcaster Career Outlook and Salary Information

TV Broadcasters might start their careers as field reporters or correspondents for local news programs but can move on to other positions over the course of their career. With experience, TV Broadcasters can become evening news anchors on local channels, correspondents for national news shows, co-anchors on cable news shows or solo anchors on national news programs. These more advanced positions are generally higher paid and more competitive than entry-level TV broadcasting jobs. According to O*Net,, the median annual salary for news anchors is $51,260 while the median annual salary for correspondents and reporters is $34,850. data indicates that salaries for TV Broadcasters depend on various factors like years of experience. Job opportunities within the TV broadcasting field are expected to increase slightly from 2006-2016, according to the BLS. The most competition for jobs will be seen in large, high profile, metropolitan markets.

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