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Published Jan 05, 2009

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'Sensing Place - Photography as Inquiry' is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) course for graduate students, and it's now available online through the university's free OpenCourseWare project. In the course, students pursuing a master's degree in Architecture learn to use photography as a way of observing the world around them by completing a number of photo assignments, including a final photo essay. Readings, lectures, observations and photographs help students understand how photography can be used as a tool in landscape design and planning.

Sensing Place - Photography as Inquiry: Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Graduate Yes Yes Yes Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Sensing Place - Photography as Inquiry: Course Description

In this master's level Architecture course, students learn how to use photography as a disciplined way of observing the world. Each student chooses a single site to visit regularly during the semester. These sites become the focus of a weekly journal of their writings and photographs. The sites are also where they shoot three photographic assignments and are the focus of their final essays, which consist of both photographs and words. The students' final essays are hosted on a website and presented as a narrative. To aid students in completing their assignments and essays, the class features a series of guest lectures and extensive readings on photography, urban design and architecture. The class is taught by MIT professor Anne Whiston Spirn and guest lecturers, including Alex Maclean, Camilo Jose Vergara and Lewis Watts.

This course includes video of eight lectures, full descriptions of each assignment, examples of student photography projects, a reading list and a link to the class website with more examples of student work. To learn more about this free course, visit the sensing place - photography as inquiry course page.

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