Political and Economic Risk OpenCourseWare: MSU's Free Bachelor Level International Finance Class on Political and Economic Risk

Published Feb 15, 2009

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The political and economic stability of a country greatly affects its financial viability. Offered as part of their OpenCourseWare program, MSU's free, online version of 'Political and Economic Risk' addresses these issues. This undergraduate-level OpenCourseWare will appeal to students studying International Finance, Business and other related fields.

Political and Economic Risk: Course Specifics

Degree LevelFreeAudioVideoDownloads
UndergraduateYes No No Yes

Lectures/NotesStudy GuideTests/Quizzes
Yes Yes No

Political and Economic Risk: Course Description

This free online course provides an introduction to the many political, economic and cultural factors that affect a country's level of financial risk. Documentary, transfer and convertibility risks are all defined contextualized. Also included in the class is an investigation of the cultural issues that exist in the business world and the ways in which they may impact financial transactions. Religion and language are just a few of the cultural aspects that are discussed, with particular emphasis placed on the importance of assessing a country's level of corruption. This undergraduate-level course is offered through Michigan State University's Global Learning Ventures initiative.

Included with this course are a series of excellent Power Point presentations, as well as a complete set of lecture notes, activities and online resources. To learn more, visit the global risk assessment course page.

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