Online Advertising Professional: Education and Job Training Requirements for a Career in Online Advertising

Published Nov 09, 2009

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Education requirements for online advertising professionals vary depending on the specific career path; a position in online advertising sales may only require a high school diploma while a job in e-marketing management may demand a 4-year degree or higher. Job training requirements typically include 2-6 years of relevant online advertising experience.

Online Advertising Professional Career Summary

Careers available for online advertising professionals include online marketing management, online advertising sales and e-commerce analysis. Web advertising managers oversee online marketing efforts, including banner ads, search engine optimization and e-mail marketing practices. Online advertising analysts interpret data, such as click-through rates, to better target Web-based consumers. Online account executives give in-person or telephone presentations to potential clients to sell Web advertising. Online account executives generally work on a commission basis with earning potentials in the range of $50,000-$100,000, while e-commerce advertising administrators earn a median wage of $84,828, and Web marketing analysts earn $67,175, notes

Education Required to Become an Online Advertising Professional

Educational requirements to become an online advertising professional vary depending on the particular job and company. Online advertising account representatives with media sales experience may only need a high school diploma. In contrast, Internet advertising managers and analysts are generally required to possess at least a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, advertising or communications and may be required to have a related master's degree. Since educational experience in online advertising may be helpful, online advertising professionals can enroll in Web advertising certificate courses such as New York University's digital media marketing program, which focuses on Web market research, social media network strategies, virtual promotions and wireless advertising,

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become an Online Advertising Professional

Depending on the hiring company, online sales professionals may only need 2-3 years of sales experience, although online sales or advertising sales experience is often helpful. Management professionals generally need 3-6 years of online marketing and administrative experience. Voluntary professional training programs in Web analytics and branding are available through organizations like the Interactive Advertising Bureau,

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