Graphic Design Degree Information - Master Degree

Published Jan 08, 2007

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A degree in Graphic Design will prepare you to become a successful commercial artist. With a Masters degree in Graphic Design you may gain employment in publishing, entertainment and advertising.

Summary of the Graphic Design Degree Program

In a degree program for Graphic Design you will use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark Express. You will learn how to work in an office environment through internships. As a graduate you will develop critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies and the ability to communicate effectively. You will have hands-on experience working with a variety of computer applications. You will learn how to present your work and build a portfolio through class assignments.

Specific Skills You Will Learn

In a Masters program in Graphic Design you will learn the necessary techniques to do freehand drawing. You will learn how to use your sketches for computer drawing. Graduates will have developed expertise in manipulating photos in Photoshop, working with a variety of fonts and learning how to manipulate images so that they have realistic movement.

Typical Coursework

Though coursework will vary depending on the college you choose, common areas of study in Graphic Design degree programs include:

  • Visual Fundamentals
  • Drawing 4
  • Graphic Form
  • Design, Perception and Audience

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

In choosing to earn a degree in Graphic Design you will be entering into a very demanding career. A Graphic Design degree combines both print and electronic art. Many artists find employment in corporate communications and the communications industry. Future designers working in the field will be recognized as highly critical thinkers, excellent problem solvers and creative industry leaders. The cornerstone of your career will be your technical ability to manipulate images.

Occupational Outlook For Graphic Design Including Salary Information

According to, the annual median wage for a Graphic Designer fluctuates between $39,541 and $49,558. Your salary will depend on the size of the company and region which you are employed. According to, the Graphic Design field is extremely competitive, but opportunities continue to grow for talented artists.

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