Nursing Informatics Degree: Career Options for Graduates with a Degree in Nursing Informatics

Published Aug 07, 2009

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Nursing Informatics professionals integrate information technology within the nursing field by managing and communicating data. Career options in this field are increasing steadily as the use of electronic information systems creates a growing demand for Nursing Informatics professionals in private, public and corporate settings. It is one of the ten most up-and-coming careers in the United States, according to the University of Utah. Nursing Informatics degree programs typically include programs at master's and doctoral levels.

Master's Degree in Nursing Informatics Career Summary

After graduating from a Nursing Informatics master's-level program, you might work in a hospital setting and manage patient care improvements through the development, execution and assessment of information system tools. You could work in various medical settings and evaluate and manage information technology systems, supervise user training plans and design system substitutes, says the University of Maryland. Nursing Informatics master's degree holders can also work in leadership roles and supervise the planning and implementation of health care information systems. You could also work in other staff positions, like informatics coordinator, systems analyst, chief nursing informatics officer and information technology nursing advocate.

Graduate Certificate in Nursing Informatics Career Summary

Nursing Informatics graduate certificate programs can typically be completed in four semesters explains Duke University. You need a graduate certificate in Nursing Informatics to help design, analyze and maintain information systems that assist in patient care. You can work in entry and mid-level positions in clinical departments, IT departments or in companies specializing in information management after completing a graduate certificate in Nursing Informatics, says the University of Kansas.

Doctoral Degree in Nursing Informatics Career Summary

After completing a doctoral program in Nursing Informatics, you might work as a Nursing Informatics professor at a university or college. Other career options can include positions as information managers, administrators or directors in corporate, public or private organizations. If you are interested in the research aspect of Nursing Informatics, you could work as a data quality improvement expert, information resource planner or data analyst, according to the University of Washington.

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