Masters Degree in Computer Engineering: Career Options for Graduates with a Masters in Computer Engineering

Published Sep 23, 2009

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A master's degree in computer engineering prepares individuals to find employment in private, public and government venues. Network engineers, software engineers and information systems and technology engineers have solid educational backgrounds in computer engineering. This article discusses positions for graduates with a master's degree in computer engineering.

Network Engineer Career Option for Graduates with a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

Network engineers are responsible for the field design and development of network systems, components, products and services. Large and small businesses, governmental offices and educational institutions all need network engineers to plan, integrate, install and maintain computer network platforms. Network engineers keep these systems up-to-date and running smoothly each day and are responsible for monitoring the network's efficiency as it relates to an organization's needs.

Software Engineer Career Option for Graduates with a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

Software engineers invent, develop, install and maintain software applications for all types of computer networks. These software applications make businesses run more efficiently and sometimes effortlessly. For example, inventory control software applications monitor inventory for small and large stores and often adjust inventory requisitions simultaneously with appropriate supply vendors. Software engineers may also be known as computer science engineers. These software engineers create and install software applications to fit a business' particular need.

Information Systems and Technology Engineer Career Option for Graduates with a Master's Degree in Computer Science

Most businesses and institutions have information systems and technology engineers. They are the people who solve both hardware and software technology or network problems. An information technology (IT) or information systems (IS) engineer is responsible for the entire computer network and any new hardware or software applications that may need to be installed, fixed or replaced. They may be required to hold educational seminars within their work environment that educate fellow employees on new technology systems and applications. In addition, many IT or IS engineers serve as senior web designers for the company website.

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