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Published Nov 07, 2006

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A bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering will teach you the necessary leadership and communication skills you need to advance in an technology or engineering career. With a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering graduates will become a part of the industry working on projects of wireless technology, multimedia and mobile computing.

Summary of a Computer Engineering Degree Program

Students in a bachelors degree program of Computer Engineering will acquire skills in decision making and problem solving. They will become an industry leader in programming design and networking and be a part of a decision support team focused on analog and digital circuit design and investigative methods of troubleshooting.

Learned Skills

Students will become highly skilled practitioners in networking, information retrieval, security, grid and high performance computing. You will develop leadership skills and become a team leader counseling your peers in decision making and problem solving. As a graduate of a bachelors program your oral and written communication skills will be enhanced and you will develop technical manuals within your field. The foundation of your career will be your knowledge of computer systems, software engineering and operating systems.

Typical Coursework

Though coursework will vary depending on the college you choose, common areas of study in Bachelors degree programs include:

  • Programming Concepts for Engineers
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Signal and System Theory
  • Introduction to Device Physics

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

In choosing to earn a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering you will be entering into a highly rewarding and demanding career. A strong sense of commitment will be essential in maintaining an advancing work environment due to the rapid changes in the computer industry. Graduates in the field of Computer Engineering seek leadership positions in government, industry and retail.

Occupational Outlook For Computer Engineering Including Salary Information

According to,, a person graduating with a bachelors in Computer Engineering can earn up to $123,935 as a data architect. The salary will depend on the specific job, the size of the institution or company and region in which you are employed. Positions in computer engineering are projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations in the IT industry today, however computer engineers will need to continually acquire the skills needed to keep up with the rapid changes of the industry.

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