BS in Computer Engineering Online: Course Curriculum for an Online BS Degree in Computer Engineering

Published Nov 12, 2009

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Students can earn a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from home through online distance learning courses. In this degree program, students learn about the design and structure of computer systems. Earning a B.S. in Computer Engineering can prepare you for jobs such as network engineer, software engineer and systems analyst.

Computer Engineering Online B.S. Degree Course Curriculum

A computer engineering bachelor's degree program helps students to understand how computer elements, such as circuitry, processors and memory are designed, tested and constructed. The program provides training for a variety of high-demand careers, including hardware and software engineering. Software engineering in particular is predicted to be one of the fastest growing jobs in America through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Here's a sample of the course curriculum in an online computer engineering B.S. degree program.

  • Digital Systems Structure: Study the design of fundamental elements in modern computers such as adders, subtractors and integrated circuits.
  • Microprocessor Systems Design: Students learn about microprocessor architecture, differences in microprocessor design and memory hierarchy in processor performance.
  • Microprocessor Applications: Systems that use microprocessors are studied, with focus on interfacing with peripheral devices including keyboards and displays.
  • Switching Theory: Explore multiple topics in digital switching design used in telecommunications and data processing systems.
  • Digital Circuit Design and Analysis: This class covers the design of logic and memory in digital circuits and instructs students in the use of software and instruments to verify circuits.
  • Fault Tolerant Systems: Addresses methods to test for and fix errors in digital systems, as well as designing systems that can withstand errors and continue operation.
  • Hardware Description Language: Students are taught to program in hardware description languages such as Verilog, with explanations of the language's elements and expressions. The course includes lab assignments conducted in Verilog simulation software.

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