Master Degree in Advertising: Career Options for Graduates Who Have Earned a Master Degree in Advertising

Published Aug 13, 2009

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Advertising is on T.V., in newspapers, on the Internet and on billboards as we drive down the road. The creativity and research behind the advertisements we see are produced by Advertising professionals. Getting ahead in the Advertising business takes experience and education. With a master's degree in Advertising, you can explore both creative and managerial careers in the Advertising business.

Master's Degree in Advertising Career Summary

Advertisers provide research on how to best sell a product, idea or service. Advertisers use print, television, radio, the Internet and multimedia to promote a product or idea and work in every industry. A master's degree in Advertising can be the edge you need to get a job in this competitive field. A Master of Arts or a Master of Science in Advertising degree program can prepare you for a career in Advertising research or management. Advertising jobs are about selling ideas and items to the public and thus graduate degrees in Advertising are sometimes combined with public relations or communications. While many entry-level Advertising jobs require a bachelor's degree, research and management jobs are generally for the seasoned Advertising professional with advanced education and experience, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Creative Career Options with a Master's Degree in Advertising

With a graduate degree in Advertising you can begin a career in research, advertising strategies or advertising design. Consumer behavior and changing technology directly impact Advertising strategies. As an Advertising researcher you may design surveys, gather and compile data, and design Advertising strategies based on your research, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Advertising researchers also study the effect that their Advertising has on consumer behavior. With a Master of Arts in Advertising Design, you can advance your career as an Advertising designer, creating the images and packaging that make an advertisement effective.

Advertising Management Career Options with a Master's Degree

The business side of Advertising takes management and business skills coupled with understanding of the creative side of Advertising. A postsecondary degree in Advertising can open doors for a career as a marketing, promotions, sales or public relations manager for an individual company or in an advertising firm, working on multiple accounts. You may become an account executive with an Advertising firm or even open your own Advertising or public relations firm. You may become a supervisory copywriter with several junior copywriters reporting to you.

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