Masters in Advertising: Requirements to Enroll in and Complete an Advertising Masters Degree

Published Sep 03, 2009

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People who complete a master's degree program in Advertising have several career options in a variety of fields. They can work at Advertising agencies, creating content in a variety of media or collaborating with clients to design long-term Advertising strategies. Many people with master's degrees in Advertising choose to work in marketing or sales. This article explains how to enroll in and complete a master's degree program in Advertising.

Enrolling in an Advertising Master's Degree Program

People applying for admission to a master's degree program in Advertising need to hold a 4-year bachelor's degree. Most programs allow applicants who have an undergraduate degree in a field other than Advertising to enroll if they meet the admissions requirements of the school offering the program.

Students in a graduate-level Advertising program who have a bachelor's degree in a different subject often have to take introductory Advertising classes in their first semester of graduate school and thus, such programs take longer to complete. Most programs also require students to have taken courses in statistics and marketing by their second graduate semester. Many programs require incoming students to meet with an advisor before starting their classes to plan their course sequence and ensure the students choose the proper degree option.

Completing and Advertising Master's Degree Program

Many schools offer several options to students interested in earning a master's degree in Advertising. The University of Texas,, for example, allows students to choose between three Master of Arts options in Advertising. Students choose between completing a program requiring a thesis, one that requires a professional report and another that only requires coursework.

Each program is tailored for different outcomes, with the thesis program preparing students for further study and both the remaining programs getting students ready for employment in the Advertising industry. Each program contains a different number of courses, with the coursework-only track requiring the most. A master's degree program in Advertising generally takes between 18 months and two years to finish.

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