Marine Hydrodynamics OpenCourseWare: A Free Online MIT Graduate Study Course on Fluid Mechanics

Published Jan 19, 2009

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Students taking part in the 'Marine Hydrodynamics' OpenCourseWare project will learn about fluid mechanics within the context of ocean science and naval architecture. Some of the topics discussed include transport theorem and conservation principles, dimensional analysis and the applications of potential theory to surface waves. A background in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture is recommended.

Marine Hydrodynamics: Course Specifics

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Marine Hydrodynamics: Course Description

'Marine Hydrodynamics' is an OpenCourseWare project by Professor Dick K. P. Yue and is designed for students who wish to learn more about the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Topics discussed during the course of the class include basic equations, similitude, ideal inviscid fluid flow, real viscous fluid flow, model tests, surface waves and lifting surfaces. The course grade is comprised of two quizzes, a final exam, graded homework and a lab assignment. It is also recommended that students view the films that are described in the course textbook, Illustrated Experiments in Fluid Mechanics, in preparation for the homework and quizzes.

Lecture notes, problem set assignments, a sample final exam and recitations are available for download for free online. If you are interested in taking this OpenCourseWare project, visit the aquatic dynamics course page.

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