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Published Jan 14, 2007

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The Master of Loss Prevention degree prepares students for management positions in security and loss prevention for retail, insurance and industrial organizations. Loss prevention managers are skilled in security management, crisis management, environmental hazards, and prevention of property theft for profit and non-profit corporations.

A Master of Loss Prevention is a graduate level program that teaches the foundations of safety and security management to prevent theft or embezzlement of property and to protect companies from profit losses. Loss prevention managers must be able to think on their feet, communicate effectively and have a thorough knowledge of law in relation to acceptable security procedures and industrial hazards.

Coursework May Include:

  • Risk Management
  • Loss Prevention Strategies
  • Labor Laws
  • Industrial Safety Practices
  • Emergency Response Systems
  • Security Administration

Skills Acquired

Graduates Loss Prevention Master's degree programs are equipped to develop policies and procedures to prevent crimes in retail businesses. Loss prevention professionals are responsible for controlling losses, conducting inspections of inventory and detaining suspects in criminal acts. In addition to security management courses, students should take classes in psychology, criminal justice, computer science and physical education.

Why Earn this Degree?

In post-911 America, security is a hot field. Rapidly emerging technologies used to commit criminal acts have also created many new job opportunities for security and loss prevention managers. The need to protect information, data and financial records in this global economy will generate more new positions in the coming years.

Economic Outlook and Salary Information

Loss prevention and security management positions are expected to grow quickly through 2014, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), www.bls.gov. Annual salaries for loss prevention managers vary according to industry and geographic region and were between $24,080 and $58,470 in 2004. Those with advanced degrees will most likely start at the higher end of the wage scale.

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