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Published Nov 24, 2006

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An International Business Doctorate Degree prepares students to advance in international business by learning the knowledge and proficiency necessary to achieve success in the current diverse, global, and technologically progressive business environment. Students who gain an International Business Doctorate Degree can further their careers as chief executives, general and operations managers, lawyers, import-export and customhouse brokers, and legislators.

International Business Doctorate Degree Overview

Summary of the Degree

International Business Doctorate Degree students learn the principles of management theory and put them into practice by examining the connection of international business ideas. Students learn international business planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. Some of the more general courses mandatory in an International Business Doctorate Program include:

  • Statistical Linear Model
  • Social Science Research Applications
  • Multivariate Study
  • Econometrics for Social Science
  • Research Design
  • Survey Research
  • General Business
  • Worldwide Strategic Management
  • Theory of International Business
  • History of International Business
  • National and International Business

Career Fields

According to California Job Journal (, the international business sector is one of the biggest job expansions predicted in the U.S. job market. Sales and marketing executives specializing in the international market are in demand by American firms. Students who understand the need to adjust and adapt to the global economy will reap the rewards of higher profit along with increased chances of improved job opportunities.

Occupational Outlook

The U.S. Department of Labor ( reports keen competition for top executive positions because of the prestige and high pay. Salaries vary significantly by type, level of responsibilities and industry. A chief executive median annual salary is $140,350. A chief executive officer in a non-profit sector can earn $88,006 annually while the highest paid in the private sector can earn more than $700,000 annually. Compensation may include stock options, dividends and other types of performance bonus. Executive dining rooms and use of company aircraft and cars, expense allowances and company-paid insurance premiums are common benefits for top executives in international business.

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