Fire Services Leadership Degree Information - Master's Degree

Published Mar 01, 2007

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A Master's degree in Fire Services Leadership will teach you the leadership and communication skills you need to direct subordinates in crisis situations. With a Master's degree in Fire Services Leadership, graduates may join the competition for high-level positions as fire chiefs or other executive management positions.

Summary of the Fire Services Leadership Degree Program

In a Master's degree program in Fire Services Leadership, you will be exposed to a variety of simulated disasters, such as plane crashes, hazardous waste disposal sites and acts of terrorism. With a Master's degree, you will be able to step into a leadership position. Your communication skills will be enhanced, and you will have chosen a specialized concentration on which to focus your career. The cornerstone of your career will rest in the hands of the firefighters you command. As a Fire Services Leader, you will become a part of a decision support team focusing on investigation and safety procedures.

Specific Skills You Will Learn In a Fire Service Leadership Program

As a graduate student, you will be prepared for a management position as a disaster specialist, arson investigator or as an administrator. You will receive hands-on experience investigating fires, determining fire patterns and working in a crisis management role. You will also study the administrative side of firefighting, focusing on funding sources and purchasing fire services equipment.

Typical Coursework

Though coursework will vary depending on the college you choose, common areas of study in a Master's Degree program in Fire Services Leadership include:

  • Fire Department Operations
  • Strategic Management of Change
  • Fire Services Emergency Management
  • Public Policy

Career Related Information

Career Fields You Will Be Prepared to Enter

In choosing to earn a Master's degree in Fire Services Leadership, you will be entering into a demanding career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, firefighters commonly work for relatively low pay and under extreme conditions. Those who choose a specialized area of Fire Services Leadership will work under better conditions and be less hands-on than working firefighters.

Occupational Outlook For Fire Services Leadership Including Salary Information

According to, the national annual median wage for a person graduating with a Master's in Fire Services Leadership varies from $53,412 to $79,245. Your salary will depend on the size of the community and region in which you are employed. Fire Services Leaders believe that holding Master's degrees significantly increases their lifetime earnings.

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