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Published Feb 10, 2009

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'Composing Your Life: Exploration of Self through Visual Arts and Writing,' a free course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, may lead students on an exploration of self expression. This OpenCourseWare is offered through MIT's interdisciplinary Special Programs and may be of particular interest to students who enjoy writing, photography or other visual arts.

Composing Your Life (Exploration of Self through Visual Arts and Writing): Course Specifics

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
No Yes No

Composing Your Life (Exploration of Self through Visual Arts and Writing): Course Description

Originally a seminar taught by instructors Graham Ramsay and Dr. Holly Sweet in 2006, this course employed many creative means to foster student self discovery. The course encouraged students to discover themselves through different written and visual media, including letters, journals, poetry, photography and modern media such as blogs and e-mail. By following the provided list of readings and sample assignments, students taking this OpenCourseWare explore various personal topics through writing and art. These topics include students' own histories and those of their families, their outward expression to the world, the way they are seen by others and the values that shape their lives. On the MIT campus, this course was not part of a specific degree program, but formed part of the Special Programs curriculum that serves to round out the traditional academic programs of the university. The OpenCourseWare includes images of student projects from the Spring 2006 section. In 2008, the instructors published A Creative Guide to Exploring Your Life: Self-Reflection Using Photography, Art, and Writing, a book based on the course concepts.

A reading list, assignments and sample student projects may be accessed for this OpenCourseWare. If you're intrigued by self discovery, visit the exploration of self course page.

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