BA Degree in Writing: Overview of Jobs Available with a BA Degree in Writing

Published Aug 12, 2009

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A B.A. degree in Writing offers versatility when it comes to seeking employment. Authors, copywriters, editors, copy editors, public relations officials, journalists, screenwriters and publishers all have strong Writing backgrounds. This article discusses job options for individuals holding a B.A. degree in Writing.

Jobs Available with a B.A. Degree in Writing

Book Publishing Jobs

The publishing industry is always looking for graduates with a B.A. in Writing. Publishers also need editors who assist writers with manuscript revisions and act as a general liaison between the publishing house and the writer. Proofreaders and copy editors with a B.A. degree in Writing are needed to proof, edit and prepare manuscripts for print.

Public Relations Jobs

Public Relations firms offer many job opportunities for individuals holding a BA degree in Writing.

The private and public sector need public relations experts to handle daily media inquiries and to write promotional materials about their organization. For example, colleges need publicists who write press releases, ad copy and other marketing materials to attract attention to the school.

A publicist may also be responsible for writing speeches for the college president and other administrators. Corporate entities as well as advertising agencies employ similar Writing positions.

Media, News and Magazine Jobs

Newspapers and other media outlets need graduates with a B.A. in Writing with strong skills to handle various tasks. These include writing basic news and feature articles, proofing the final stages of publications before print and creating persuasive ad copy for advertisers. In addition, magazines also need professional writers to serve staff positions, such as editors, columnists, staff writers, managing editors and copy editors. Magazines also utilize freelance writers to help meet article demands.

Online BA Degree in Writing Jobs

Blogs and online editions of newspapers and magazines have created a large demand for professional writers. News and media outlets have created blogs to boost readership levels, and corporate businesses use them to foster a connectedness to their clients. Website content writers are also in demand because technology has made mass communication instantaneous and the need for valid online information is vital to daily activities.

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