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Published Jan 13, 2009

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Using the Guinea worm disease as an example, examine the social, behavioral and cultural consequences of tropical diseases on the continent of Africa. 'Culture, Politics, and Community: Living Public Health in Nigeria' is a free OpenCourseWare program, offered by of Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health. Students interested in public health-related degree programs, such as the Bachelor of Science in International Health will find this information of interest.

Culture, Politics, and Community: Living Public Health in Nigeria: Course Specifics

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Culture, Politics, and Community: Living Public Health in Nigeria: Course Description

Professor Bill Brieger, of the Department of International Health, has accumulated 26 years of experience in public health work in Africa. This OpenCourseWare is based on a lecture in which he shares with students his experience in the public health field in Nigeria and other African countries. The lecture concentrates on the successful 20-year campaign to eradicate Guinea worm disease from Africa. This disease, at one time endemic in Nigeria and other African countries, can be contracted from contaminated water containing microscopic fleas that carry the worms' larvae. The material is presented in a 3-part approach that uses the Guinea worm disease as an example to examine the need for health care practitioners understanding and learning from the local populations, the role village health care workers play in the eradication of diseases and the ability of health care organizations to deliver service as it relates to the first two themes.

The material for this course consists of lecture notes available in a downloadable PDF file, a MP3 audio file and a video. If you would like to take this free course, visit the course page for culture politics and community.

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