Impact of Pandemic Influenza on Public Health OpenCourseWare: Johns Hopkins University's Free Undergraduate Level Public Health and Safety Course

Published Dec 19, 2008

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Discover the influence of influenza on global public health in this free OpenCourseWare provided by Johns Hopkins University. 'Impact of Pandemic Influenza on Public Health' discusses the types of influenza, the effect they have on humans and the way they spread. This course does not have prerequisites, though it will be of primary interest to public and allied health professionals.

Impact of Pandemic Influenza on Public Health: Course Specifics

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Impact of Pandemic Influenza on Public Health: Course Description

Your doctor doesn't tell you to cover your mouth for nothing when you cough and sneeze. Coughing and sneezing can spread more than a simple cold. Most influenza infections are spread this way, and more than 50% of people who don't show any sign of infection are still contagious. This OpenCourseWare presented by Johns Hopkins University's School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, focuses on the main methods influenza transmission, symptoms and treatment and the impact of influenza on the public. The history of influenza, including the Spanish influenza, the Asian flu and the Hong Kong flu as well the deaths associated with each pandemic and the frequency of pandemic influenza are all covered in this course. Students learn about changes in influenza (in general) over time. Furthermore, students identify the use of vaccinations to combat influenza epidemics, the development of vaccines and their effectiveness. This course about the impact of pandemic influenza and our ability to prevent and reduce outbreaks is taught by Johns Hopkins University instructor Rashid A. Chotani, M.D., Ph.D.

Notes, lectures and an audio accompaniment are available for this course online. To take this free OpenCourseWare, visit the effects of pandemic influenza course page.

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