Communications Technology Degree Information - Master Degree Review

Published Nov 18, 2006

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A Communications Technology Master's Degree provides students with knowledge and skills in the design, technical, managerial and policy issues associated with developing communication systems that support present-day organizations. Students who earn a master's degree in Communications Technology can advance in their careers in such sectors as computer industry, agribusiness, healthcare, financial services, government, manufacturing, media industries, retailing, telecommunications and utilities.

Communications Technology Master Degree Overview:

Summary of the Degree:

A Communications Technology Master's Degree program includes courses that help students learn the skills necessary to hold positions of increasing responsibility in their current job and/or move into new positions that require important and strategic skills in Communications Technology. These students learn how to create communication systems and develop support strategies if the system experiences problems. Graduates will have the knowledge to design, analyze, troubleshoot and evaluate communication systems within businesses and organizations.

Typical Coursework:

Some of the more general courses mandatory in a Communications Technology master's degree program include:

  • Communications
  • Information Management
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Technology Software Engineering
  • Modern Language
  • Multi-Media Systems
  • Distribute Database Systems
  • Knowledge Acquisition Systems

Career Fields:

According to U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook,, hiring of computer and information systems managers is anticipated to improve faster than average growth of other jobs. Job opportunities are best for applicants with computer-related work experience and strong communication and administrate skills, particularly for those with a master's degree.

Occupational Outlook:

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of graduates skilled in Communications Technology can earn as much as $86,450 to $107,870 with such jobs as software publishers, computer systems design, computer support specialists and computer systems analysts.

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