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Published Apr 30, 2009

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An organization can possess the most valuable resources but somehow fail to deliver a quality product. The Open University's free, online version of 'Operations, Technology & Stakeholder Value' addresses operational issues such as these. Read below for more details regarding this graduate, Business course.

Operations, Technology & Stakeholder Value: Course Specifics

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Operations, Technology & Stakeholder Value: Course Description

Offering an examination of the role of processes in an organization, this course stresses the importance of well-managed operations and technologies. Many related topics are covered, such as a comparison of the function and process views of business operations. Also discussed in the class is the essential role that technology plays in corporate operations, including the specific ways in which this technology may be applied to each functional area. The transformation model is also considered, with emphasis placed upon the variety of inputs that may be involved in organizational operations. The course concludes with students making a detailed examination of ways in which managers can effectively introduce change into an operational system that is not performing efficiently. This course forms part of The Open University's post-graduate degree program in areas like Business Administration and Technology Management.

Included with this course is an excellent video case study, as well as a complete study guide and a list of suggested reading. If you're interested in this course, visit the operational value course page.

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