Basic Structural Theory OpenCourseWare: MIT's Free Undergraduate Building Technology Class

Published Feb 19, 2009

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'Basic Structural Theory' is a free undergraduate course offered by MIT that studies the physical laws and mathematics associated with building technology. This course is intended for students interested in studying Engineering, Building Construction or other related undergraduate degree programs.

Basic Structural Theory: Course Specifics:

Degree Level Free Audio Video Downloads
Undergraduate Yes No No Yes

Lectures/Notes Study Materials Tests/Quizzes
Yes Yes Yes

Basic Structural Theory: Course Description

One of the most important aspects of building technology involves structural analysis and an understanding of the mechanical behavior of structural systems and their properties. 'Basic Structural Theory' introduces students to the basics of structural analysis and design and teaches the skills necessary for creating bridges, buildings and other assemblages. Students will not only examine the response of structural systems and their inherent characteristics, but they will also gain practical insights after investigating several case studies concerning the dynamics of structures. Students will also take a look at the common materials used in structural design, such as steel, concrete, timber and masonry. The lecturer for the course is Professor John Ochsendorf of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Architecture. Lecture topics include the mechanics of material, equilibrium of forces and reactions, shear and bending moment diagrams and defections and properties of construction material.

The materials for this OpenCourseWare are comprised of lecture notes, assignments, exams and projects that are available in downloadable PDF files, as well as a reading list. If you would like to take advantage of the information contained in this bachelor-level course, visit the structural theory course page.

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