Data Communications Analyst: Education and Job Training Requirements for Becoming a Data Communications Analyst

Published Sep 17, 2009

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Data communications analysts continue to be in high demand along with many other technology professionals. Read on to find out more about the education and training requirements needed for becoming a data communications analyst.

Data Communications Analyst Career Summary

Data communications analysts work with data communications systems, including local area network, intranets and wide area networks. They work with both hardware and software components to create systems that meet a specific need. After working with users to determine their needs, data communications analysts design systems and recommend specific components. They also test and analyze systems for efficiency and effectiveness.

Education Required to Become a Data Communications Analyst

Employers typically prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree when considering data communications analyst applicants. Students can pursue degrees in computer systems analysis, management information systems (MIS) or another related area. MIS programs tend to focus on business concepts. Students in these programs might take courses in database design and administration, e-commerce, information systems, computer security, networks, programming, project management and systems analysis. Students also learn to evaluate the needs of the businesses and develop systems to meet those particular needs.

Job Training and Certifications Required to Become a Data Communications Analyst

Aside from a technical education, data communications analysts need to be strong problem-solvers and possess good analytical and interpersonal skills. They also need to have an understanding of the business in which they are working. Some of this understanding can be learned through on-the job training or through optional certifications. Vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco provide professional certifications that may be helpful to data communications analysts. These certifications show employers a high level of proficiency in a particular area or technology and can lead to raises and promotions.

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