Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education: Course Curriculum for a BS in Elementary Education Degree Program

Published Sep 08, 2009

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The course curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education combines academic liberal arts courses with practical hands-on training in elementary education methods. Teachers-in-training learn skills, methods and strategies for developing and executing lesson plans, leading an elementary classroom and assessing student performance and progress. A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education course curriculum also prepares students for state licensure exams.

Course Curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Individuals completing a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree program are trained in the theories and practices used to teach children in grades K-6 or K-8. Elementary education degree programs are comprised of a liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on teaching methods and theory. Since elementary teachers instruct students in all subjects, elementary education programs provide an overview of reading, science, math, social studies and writing. A semester of student teaching in an elementary classroom is the final course most Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education programs.

Listed below are courses found in a typical Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree program:

  • Teaching Elementary School Science: Students learn about applications, methods and theories for teaching science to elementary school children.
  • Teaching Elementary School Math: This course covers topics on teaching math to children in elementary school. Students will craft sample lesson plans and learn different strategies for teaching math operations.
  • Teaching Strategies and Fundamentals: Students learn effective ways to develop lesson plans and utilize instructional methods. This class often includes an observation component, in which students observed accomplished teachers working with elementary students.
  • Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School: Materials, content and methods for teaching reading, writing and speaking are covered.
  • Elementary Education Internship: Students work in a classroom as a student teacher. Under the guidance of a cooperating teacher, they practice, develop and demonstrate teaching methods learned throughout the elementary education program.
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Elementary School: This course covers all aspects of testing and evaluating students, including developing tests, interpreting scores and evaluating student performance in an elementary school environment.

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